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A podcast is a series of audio-only shows that can cover any topic. A podcast allows the hosts to cover stories from a niche area, they can comment locally on a global topic, and it gives them the ability to become a hub for local current events.

Podcasts give people the opportunity to download the show and listen to it on the go! And there might be certain situations where a podcast might be more appealing to your audience.

There are three types of podcasts:

• The “Talk Show”

• The “Interview”

• The “Narrative”

The “Talk Show”

This is probably the easiest type of podcast to produce. It is a very informal group discussion that can encompass any almost topic. Our recording room allows for two or three people to fit comfortably, but we can also move the podcast into one of our recording studios for larger group discussions.

The “Interview”

The “interview” format follows a similar format to our television shows. There is a host asking the interviewee questions to prompt a discussion on a variety of topics. The interviewee can either be present in the studio or virtually over the phone or on Skype. We strongly advise keeping a television show and a podcast separate but you’re more than welcome to create both!

“The Narrative”

This is the hardest type of podcast to make. It tells a single story through the use of pre recorded interviews and lots of research.

Podcasting is a very easy process and all three types of podcasts are possible in our studios. We also offer classes on podcasting to teach you how to produce your own from start to finish.

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